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Rabu, 18 November 2015

Masha and the Bear Kids android Games

Some people ask does it cheeki? Is it breek? Of course! Not only you can talk to comrade Bear you can also make jam like true Russian, play guitar like Russian.Comrades are you tired of same boring life? Do you wish to experience living life like Russian? Now you can Masha and the Bear Kids android Games is the game for you!

They help develop concentration, visual memory and counting skills. At the same time, parents don’t need to worry about their children spending too much time in front of the touchscreen.  Just like other edutainment apps by Indigo Kids, these 10 exciting mini-games offer kids lots of fun and learning opportunities weaved into the gameplay.

The world of Masha and the Bear is a magical place where sometimes one can fly in an airplane. It’ll be fun for your kid to take a walk with Masha to a picturesque glade to count butterflies, Cooking dinner is another hard task, especially because they have to look for food all around the house. and help her beat Penguin in a game of hockey. And when evening comes, it’s concert time!

Masha and bear I love what I can play, We love this show watched for years now the game is out, I play with my children and it's just so cute and fun. Masha had the BEST laugh, but two of the games won't work properly ! I have no butterflies appear so can't say how many there are! And there is no penguin on the hockey game!

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